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What you get out of this process will be equal to the effort you put in.

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Many people spend money on gym memberships. If someone buys a membership and goes three or four times a week, he/she still may not get in shape. Buying the membership, showing up routinely AND giving maximum effort is how that person will achieve his/her fitness goals. The amount of effort put forth is the key.

The same principle holds true for practice. If you go to practice daily, but you’re only present physically and not mentally, you won’t improve. It wouldn’t be right to blame your coach for not developing you as a player when you’re not giving your full effort.   

Parents can pay for an academically-rigorous private high school or a prestigious college, but if their son doesn't fully engage and take advantage of the opportunities there, it won't be any different than attending a public school.

If a player works with a company that helps him with recruiting, but he isn’t willing to do the necessary things to work the process, then he won’t achieve the best results. Work and effort are always part of the equation. Just showing up is not enough. The easiest thing to do is finger point and blame, but it’s by far the least productive. 

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