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What to ask on a visit?

There have been many times a coach has sat across from parents during a campus visit and finished up with their pitch and asked if there were any questions.  And many times this is where mom and dad were able to ask some specific questions that they were wondering about.

While this is certainly ok and acceptable, coaches are impressed by players that ask questions.  It shows that the student-athlete is intelligent and has taken some time to do some planning on their own.

We are going to give you a more extensive list of questions you can choose from.  You may already have some of these in mind or you may not want to ask some of these.  Also, keep in mind that the coach and program are putting their best foot forward and there is a possibility some parts of the recruiting spiel are untrue or even exaggerated.  

We believe the more direct questions you have, the better idea you will get about how the program actually operates.  Now, obviously you won't want to ask all these questions at once.  However, as you are engaged in various conversations with the coaching staff at different times, that's the opportune time to ask some of these questions.  

  1. Playing time - Of course all of the coaches are going to tell that you are going to play.  It is your job to look on-line and see what players are coming back next year along with who else is committed with your graduating class. There is nothing wrong with asking how many players they recruit at your spot.  Also, you can ask them specifically what position you will play and the possibility of that changing over time.

  2. How would they describe their coaching style?

  3. Where are the practice plans posted?  

  4. What are the expectations of the players in the program?

  5. Development strategy specific to position/type of player:   Who is the pitching/hitting/defense/base-running/strength coach and what does their plan look like?

  6. Cost     1) Tuition     2) Housing       3)Meals        4)Other

  7. Aid available         1) Athletic           2)GPA            3) Test scores          4)Need based            5)Other

  8. How long has coach/coaches been at program?  (you can look this up)  How long do they plan to be there?

  9. Who runs the strength and conditioning background? What is their background?  Are workouts different for certain positions?

  10. What injury prevention exercises are in place?

  11. What is the throwing program look like?

  12. What is the plan during winter break?  Summer? 

  13. Are there going to be any facility upgrades in the near future?

  14. Where are most of the other players from? (Many websites will have rosters)  

  15. Do they have the major you want?

  16. Are tutors available?  Are there privileges for good grades? (This is so much better than asking "what do I need to be eligible?"!!)

  17. What was team GPA last year?

  18. Do you have a specific advisor to make sure players are on course to graduate?  How long does does it take for most players to graduate?

  19. How often are there study tables?

  20. Where do most of the players go on from here?  Is there an alumni network to be tapped into for job placement?

  21. (For Junior College only)  Where do players go on from here?  How do they get there?

  22. Are there team building exercises throughout the year?

  23. Equipment provided vs need to purchase.

  24. What do I need to improve on before I get here?

  25. If offered, how much time do I get before a decision needs to be mad

Remember that these are just some options of things to think about or ask. These can be changed based on what the coach says during the visit. They are interviewing you during this visit, but you are also interviewing them.

We highly recommend that you get some references on the coaches at the program.  These will be easier at some places more than others.  If at all possible, try to find players that have played for that coach or staff in the past. The character and trustworthiness of a coaching staff needs to be up near the top of the list.  You want to feel like the coaches care about kids and look out for their best interest - not just the wins and losses (Although that is important!)

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