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What if a school you don't love is recruiting you?

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

One obstacle you may encounter in the recruiting process is being recruited by a school you’re not completely enthralled with. The school wants you, but you don't necessarily want them. This puts you and your family in an unusual spot. When this happens - here are few questions to consider:

  • If no other school ends up recruiting you, would you go to this school or not play at all?

  • If you would rather not play at all than go to this school, what are the specific reasons for this decision?

  • If you would go to this school if it ended up being the only option, but you don't want to commit just yet, how do you put the school on the “back burner” without eliminating it altogether?

This can be a tricky situation for you and your family to navigate without the proper guidance.   It is important to be in tune with what level of college player you are and what school may best fit. So, if you get that initial offer, what is the likelihood a better option will come along? This is why it is ALWAYS a good idea to get evaluations from college coaches. The more of these you have, the more accurate your perception of your playing level. Lastly, by understanding your value list for schools, the more aware you’ll be of what you deem important in a college baseball program. You should not eliminate opportunities until you have researched them fully. And, you should be prepared to not play college baseball if nothing else comes along.

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