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"They" Say

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

One of the tougher hurdles for families to overcome in the recruiting process is the onslaught of advice they will receive.  Players will listen to the chatter on the practice field and locker room, while parents have 2 hour games to sit through 3 times a week.  During those times, the subject of recruiting inevitably comes up.

The problem with this is that while many people are trying to be helpful when they give recruiting advice, most do not have enough knowledge to give an informed opinion.  Thus, parents and players can succumb to the noise that goes on during the high school years.  This noise can compound over time and after a few years, many families can be more confused than ever.

"They" say recruiting starts junior year.  So that is when we started reaching out to schools.

"They" say we need a video.  So we had one done.

"They" say that D3 doesn't have any money available, so we are not going to consider those schools.

"Coach/instructor/friend" says I am a D2 player, so that is the level I am looking at for college.

"They" say if I am good enough I will be recruited on my own and do not need any outside help.

"They" say that I NEED to go to this SPECIFIC CAMP and that will be enough for me to find the right fit.

These are all examples of things that people hear that are fundamentally wrong. So, before you listen to "they" - please consider the source.  Even if people have the best intentions, it is very possible that there is some bad advice given in the recruiting process. This can alter the the way a family approaches college baseball recruiting.

So, before a family listens to advice, they need to ask themselves "Does this person have recruiting expertise?"  There are many good baseball people that are not great when it comes to the college recruiting process.  Try not to listen to "they", and instead find the best answers you can from reliable resources.

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