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Straight A's? Why not?

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

When we meet with players to talk about coming on board with our system, one of the questions we ask is:

If we offered you $100,000, could you get straight A's?

9 out of every 10 players say yes to this question. This tells us that getting good grades is less about natural intelligence and more about the amount of effort a student puts forth. Without a doubt, there are some players that have learning disabilities. There are also some subjects that can seem impossible to understand. However, if you really pressed students on how hard they work in the classroom, most of them have more to give.  

So, for rest of the 2019 school year, go ALL OUT. Challenge yourself in the classroom like you never have before. Besides the knowledge and pride you will get by doing this, you now put you and your family in a better position to save money in the college process. 

Baseball players are much more likely to receive money for college on the academic side than they are on the athletic side. You can either pay now (time and effort) or pay later (student loans, different career path, etc).

Remember that the grade letter next to your name speaks more about your effort level than it does your academic prowess. 

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