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Separating recruiting exposure from playing experience

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

With the pure amount of baseball being played throughout the year, it can be really confusing for families to understand what should be seen as a recruiting effort versus what should be seen as playing experience. Too many times the two can get mistakenly lumped in together.

For example, if your travel team goes to a college to play a game or series of games, many would initially consider that a "recruiting event." However, if the only school in attendance is that specific college, then that should be viewed as playing experience.

Another example is playing in a tournament. Some tournaments have several college coaches attend and others have zero attend. It’s important to understand which is which. Families may be told that certain events are used for "exposure,” but we encourage families to look around at some of these events. If the player to coach ratio is more than 25:1, then it is NOT a recruiting event.

There are some camps and clinics that are used specifically for recruiting. These can be very advantageous for families if they know which ones to attend.

The most important factors to consider when deciding if something should be considered as playing experience or for college exposure are:

  • College coach to player ratio

  • Timing of event (some of these events take place in a quiet period)

  • The right schools in attendance (many schools do not have budgets to travel that might be the right fit)

  • This is why we're big believers in getting your information out to schools.

Traveling all over the country hoping that the right school sees you at the right time can be very expensive. We encourage players to play as much baseball as they desire. Play in as many tournaments and showcases as you want. But, it’s important to separate playing for the experience versus playing to be recruited.

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