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Sending film to a college coach

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

In 2018, it is expected for a player to have video to show to a coach.

Many times college coaches cannot go see a player in person as often as they’d like to. A lot of programs require multiple coaches to sign off on (approve of) a player before they can extend an offer to him. So a video is one good way for coaches in the office to discuss a player because they can easily look at his movements.

A skills video done well is a great place to start. Game footage is good, but many times what a family thinks is good footage is not great in the eye of a college coach. Here are some items to remember when putting videos on a site or sending to a coach:

  • Coaches understand that you’re only going to send highlights (which is okay), so realize that coaches aren't as concerned about the success on the video as they are with how the player looks. That means that coaches put more credence on the mechanics and athleticism than on if the ball finds a hole for a base hit. 

  • If your video doesn't have an up close look on things, it’s better off not to post/send. There are many hazards when trying to film a player during a game, and if you aren't able to show the player up close by zooming, don’t bother.

  • Splice game highlights together. There is nothing worse for a college coach than having to wait 1:30 for a player to get his base hit. They receive a lot of videos. The easier you can make it on them, the better chance you have of them actually viewing your video.

Coaches want to see baseball actions. They want to see how fast you can run, how well you move and how quick your bat is. The more you can show your tools, the easier it is for a coach to evaluate you and the more likely he is to watch your video.

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