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Sample coach/player email exchange

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Players, the e-mail exchanges you have with college coaches are crucial. It’s your job to ask good questions and to be consistent in communication. Obviously it helps when the coach has sincere interest, but you and your family should take the time to write thoughtful e-mails once a connection has been made. We have copied and pasted an email exchange example below from a current player. The names, school, and other details have been replaced with generic bold lettering. Use this example to assist you in your communication:

Coach Jones,

Thank you for sending the updates and keeping me in the loop regarding University baseball. I wanted to let you know that I received my ACT score back this morning, and I scored a ___. I am still interested in your program and wanted to find out if this score would allow me to be considered as a recruit for your team. Looking forward to your reply.  

Thanks, Player Smith ________________________________________________ 

Thanks for the new info, Smith, and congrats on your new ACT score. How are you and your team doing this year? Keep me posted. Also, I have attached where our coaches will be this summer along with info regarding our camps here at University. Perhaps you can get to one of these?

Keep working hard academically, Smith!

Coach Jones ________________________________________________ 

Dear Coach Jones,

Our team is 17-3, and I have been seeing the ball well.  

Here are my current stats:  Stat 1 Stat 2 Stat 3 Stat 4 

I appreciate the dialogue we have had so far to this point. I know that this is going to be a big summer for me as far as college opportunity goes. I would really like to go visit 3-5 schools this summer.

So as far as your program goes, I do have sincere interest, but the more you can share with me where you see me at on your recruiting board, I would appreciate it. I understand that you may need to see me live in a game setting or at your prospect camp.

I hope this helps — my family and I want to organize our summer schedule as cost-effective as possible while not losing any opportunities with your program.

Respectfully, Player Smith ________________________________________________

Smith – We have not yet put together any sort of ranking of 2018 grads. However, our primary (and necessary) goal is to get two positions from this class who can come here and play right away. We missed on our top position prospect the last two recruiting years. As such, we are very thin at this position, relying on a junior and a senior this year.

I have attached where our coaches will be this summer along with info regarding our camps here at University. I hope you can get to City to sit down with me, see our campus and facilities, and learn more about University and our baseball program. If you can do this and attend one of our camps, that’s even better.

Let me know your thoughts, and continued good luck this spring, Smith.

Coach Jones _______________________________________________   

Coach Jones,

I have been discussing the opportunity with my parents of going to University and playing baseball since we first connected last summer. It would be an absolutely fantastic opportunity if it could work out. I have a couple of questions for you, and maybe you can help me understand what I'm looking for a bit better. 

Since University is so competitive, do you think that with my GPA, ACT and SAT scores I could get admitted? You mentioned in an earlier email that the school made the determination on admissions. This is the most expensive school I have looked at, and my parents are concerned about having a huge burden with costs. Does my current academic status warrant any scholarship money? It’s hard to determine online without doing the Net Cost calculator. Honestly, I have been looking at some schools closer to me and more affordable, but this would be an opportunity that I wouldn't pass up if we could make it work. If you can provide me some more information that would be great. I look forward to meeting you.

Thanks, Smith ________________________________________________ 

Smith – Thanks for the email. I’m sorry to be getting back to you so late, but we won our series this past weekend, and I was busy with that. In any case, you ask some very good questions. I suggest that you email me your transcript and your ACT reports as soon as your final grades from this year appear on your transcript. I will then get a pre-read on you from our admissions office. These are usually very accurate. I do not believe that you would qualify for any academic scholarships here as we only have a few. We do have a University cost calculator online that you could check regarding what type of need-based money you would qualify for. Finally, I do believe you could play for us as we do need Positions as I have mentioned previously. Let me know your thoughts on these things.

Let me know how your season ended this spring and keep working hard academically, Smith!

Coach Jones ________________________________________________ 

Coach Jones,

My parents looked at the calculator and feel that we could makeonference title! I watched some of your game against Opponent online, but wasn't around to watch your next two games.  

My parents looked at the calculator and feel that we could make University work if I was able to get admitted. I will forward you my ACT scores and final semester transcript when it becomes available. Our school gets out in a couple of weeks, so it should be ready at the beginning of June. How quickly would the turnaround be for getting an admissions pre-read?  

Right now University is my #1, and we would like to make plans to come out and see you. I do have another question. I noticed that your coaches will be at a variety of events this summer on the certain coast, should I try to attend a showcase for your staff to see me, or would you prefer that I come to one of your camps? I know the question seems silly, but I want to make sure that my trips are spent most effectively.  

Thanks, Player Smith ________________________________________________ 

Smith – Thanks for the email. I’m glad that University becomes viable for you. Why don’t you try to come to one of our camps as it would provide you the opportunity to see our campus and facilities, meet me and all of my coaches and many players, and learn so much about University and our baseball program. I have attached the info.

Once I get your scores and transcript, I can get a pre-read usually within a week. Thus, get me that material as soon as you can.

Finish the school year strong academically. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Coach Jones

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