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A proactive way to get a coach to come see you play

We talk a lot about how the lack of college recruiting budgets and limits on time can hinder the player getting connected to the right college program. Here is one way you as the player can make it easier for the college coach to see you:

Cross-reference your schedules.

Look to see if any of the schools you’ve been talking to have plans to come to an area near where you’ll be playing for your high school team. After you coordinate both schedules, you can then send a specific email to a coach letting him know. Here’s an example:

You play high school baseball in Arizona, and you’ve been communicating with 5-6 different schools outside of the state. Check their schedules to see if they will be in Arizona at any point during their season. If they are, look at the dates they’ll be in the state and see if you will be playing during that same time and if it's close enough for them to come see you play.

If that all lines up, then you can send the coach you’ve been communicating with an e-mail that looks something like this:

Dear Coach ____________,

I see that you will be in Phoenix for a series March 22-24. I wanted to let you know that I have a high school game during the day on the 23rd, when you have a night game. The school that we will be playing at is only 45 miles from where you will be for your series. If you have time, I thought you might like to see me in a game setting. Good luck with the start of your season! Talk soon.

Sincerely, Player name

This kind of communication works best AFTER you have created dialogue with specific programs, but can also be used for the initial contact between a player and a coach.

The spring is a really busy time for everyone. College programs will be in full swing for their own season. While recruiting will still be a big priority for many schools, it will oftentimes take a bit of a backseat to trying to win games for their current season.

Make it EASY for the coach to come see you. The more he has to hunt to find you, the less likely he is to come see you play.

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