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My Story - Tim Arakawa

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

I was about two months removed from professional baseball with the Los Angeles Angels when Mike Orchard contacted me. I was in a weird “purgatory” state deciding if I wanted to continue to play (Independent baseball/Mexico) or hang up the cleats and pursue another career. I eventually decided to start working with College Athlete Advantage. I spent nights praying and thinking about what would be the best decision for me.

One morning I woke up with clarity that even though my dream has always been to play Major League baseball, my purpose on this earth was to serve others around me through my experiences. It was definitely a tough pill to swallow to know my career was over, but the excitement about a new opportunity to help players/families easily trumped any little bit of regret trying to pull me toward playing.

Here’s my beginning to now.

I was blessed with many opportunities to thrive playing the game I loved. Growing up in Hawaii, we were able to play baseball year-round, so I was always on the field developing myself into the best possible player.

My high school years were spent on the field at Moanalua High School and and a big chunk of that time was spent in the cage. After high school, I attended Yavapai Community College for two years and learned how to play the game of baseball at the highest level of junior college. I played my way into earning a scholarship to Oklahoma State University where I started every game during my two seasons (2013-2015). In 2015 I was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels in the 23rd round and quickly moved from rookie ball to Class A ball in my first season. I spent three years in the Angels organization with my last two years in AA and AAA respectively.

The relationships I made through my journey in baseball lands me where I am today, advising players and families and working to create the easiest, most efficient possible path to play college baseball.

My story of playing high school ball to college baseball to professional baseball may seem cut and dry, however it was anything but that.

I was a 5’8 160 lb. kid from Hawaii. Nobody was coming to Moanalua High School to watch me play. So along with the support of my mother I went on every trip to Arizona/California I could in order to get the exposure I so desperately needed.

I had no one to tell me or advise me otherwise , so my family forked out thousands of dollars for me to go play in showcase/tournaments to heighten my chances of playing college baseball. Only one school showed interest in me through all of these trips. That school was Yavapai Community College, where I decided to go play

Now you may be thinking, ‘Tim that means the showcases/tournaments worked because you ended up at Yavapai.’ The truth is, ONE showcase worked, and it is only because of the contact I had already made with Yavapai before attending.

The only reason I ended up at Yavapai is because I had already developed a relationship with them through email before attending a showcase in Arizona. Previously, I had been thinking I was going to play so well at a showcase that college recruiters are going to notice me and ask "Who the heck is that kid?" That did not happen. Only school noticed me. That was the one school that knew me previously to playing in a tournament,

I am not here to bash showcases/tournaments/camps/recruiting services. I am here to tell you that through my experience and the experience of others I have come in contact with the most efficient way to play college baseball. Our process at College Athlete Advantage provides the platform ALONG with the proper advice to best assist families.

I am here advising families through this process because when I was in high school my family and I were wide-eyed, confused and chasing everything we possibly could. I want to give families the right information to make the right decisions and ultimately choose the correct college fit.

I want players to know that there are many opportunities to play college baseball that many families do not know exist. Division 1 baseball is not the only option and neither is D2 or D3. The right fit for every player is different and I want to be able to unveil that for families and see the smiles on their faces when the choice of school is the BEST one for their son.

Baseball took me on a crazy journey for 25 years. I met so many great people and made so many great connections with coaches, players and scouts that have shaped my opinion and expertise into advising families through this process.

In this life you cannot survive on your own. You need the help of others. I learned that quickly in the game of baseball and now I want to lend my hand and my knowledge alongside my connections and work ethic to families who are navigating their way through the college selection process.

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