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Meet Bobby Brown - Regional Advisor

My name is Bobby Brown, I grew up in San Luis Obispo, CA. watching college baseball game of week on ESPN. I saw places like Mississippi State and Wichita State dreaming of playing at one of these places. But San Luis Obispo is 3 hours from L.A, 3 hours from San Francisco, 3 hours from Fresno. Scouts and college recruiters rarely ventured this way.

Long story short I had zero offers and nobody knew who I was, but I knew I could play at that level. Back in the 90’s there were not many showcases or recruiting services in the 90’s, so I attended the local Junior College ( Cuesta College). I had a spectacular freshman year and a spectacular summer (Clarinda Iowa A’s) in the Jayhawk league. Heading into my Sophomore year I had 25 division 1 offers, and I could have went wherever I wanted. I remember thinking to myself I’m basically the same player I was in high school. I eventually choose the University of Oklahoma (best decision of my life) went to Omaha as the #1 team in the nation as I batted 3rd in the lineup.

All this after 2 years prior I had no offers, I didn’t have any navigation or help getting to the right program for me. After college I signed with the Kansas City royals played there for a few seasons, went to Taiwan and played 1 season and 8 seasons in the Northern League I played professionally until age 31 when I decided to start coaching. I coached 3 seasons at Hancock Junior College, 1 year as manager of Santa Maria Indians (California Collegiate League and Anchorage Glacier Pilots of the Alaska league. After 5 years of college baseball my wife and

I decided I would try coaching at the pro level (my real passion is pro baseball) 11 years later I’m still going strong. Managing in numerous stops Abilene Tx, Amarillo Tx, Lincoln Saltdogs, Lincoln, NE.

This past summer due to covid-19 I built and organized a hybrid college/pro team based out of Santa Barbara to provide players an opportunity to play and improve during the pandemic out of all my accomplishments as a player and coach this is my proudest accomplishment providing hope and instruction for players in need. I’m super exited to work with CAA as the team is committed to helping players reach their dreams and navigate through the recruiting process. I wish I had a service like this as a high school ballplayer, my career was great, and I wouldn’t trade it, but I still think I was ready to play at the 4-year level in high school I just didn’t have the guidance. I am committed and passionate about helping players reach their College Potential!

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