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Learn how to talk to adults - it will help you get recruited.

Updated: May 24, 2019

So, parents, what should you do?  

Like all situations… TEACH. Every time there’s an opportunity for your son to talk to an adult, show him how to do it correctly.

This is not only a recruiting process skill, but a general life skill.

Here are some points of emphasis that you should focus on:

  • A quality hand shake

  • Eye contact

  • “Yes, sir” or “No, sir” OR another way of answering politely

  • Staying free of cell phone distraction

  • Asking questions and being personable

  • Returning messages in a timely fashion

As soon as a coach comes in contact with your son, he will start evaluating EVERYTHING about him. A coach can easily determine your son’s baseball ability, but most coaches want to recruit good kids. After he sees your son compete, he will move on to communicating with him, and it’s your job as parents to help him learn this skill. The payoff will be big in the recruiting process, but also in life.

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