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Itching to attend a holiday baseball camp

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

It's that time of year. In most parts of the country the weather has turned cold, and there is snow on the ground. Baseball season seems like years away, but your family has the time and the money to go to a baseball camp. What are some of the items you should consider when looking for the right one to attend?

Are you going for instruction or recruiting?

If you’re going for instruction, spend some time on the assistant coaches’ web pages and look over their backgrounds. Many times you can tell if they have a certain expertise that may help you improve your game. There is not always better instruction at bigger schools.

If you’re going for recruiting, it’s better to attend a camp that has multiple schools that may be a possible fit, AND the timing should be right. If you’re going to a singular school’s camp for recruiting, there should be genuine interest on BOTH sides before making the investment to attend.

Will you be traveling for a camp?

Many families will tie in a vacation with a holiday camp which can be great. Another way to maximize your time is to visit some schools in the area in which you are traveling. Visit schools of all levels and sizes. Take some time to research those schools and set up unofficial visits. 

Are you in baseball shape to perform at the camp?

This scenario has played out many times. A pitcher hasn’t thrown live in 6 weeks, and then he attends a college winter camp. He steps up on the mound, and the radar gun goes up. Intensity in his pen does not match the shape he’s in. Now we’re in trouble. And it’s not just pitchers… position players want to make sure they’re ready to perform at a camp as well. Make sure the camp coincides with your active and rest cycles.

Not every camp is created equal. Spend a little time figuring out your objective along with what will most likely happen at the camp. 

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