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“It’s who you know.”

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

This is something we hear all the time: “It's who you know that gets you recruited.” In fact, there are parents and players right now who think they’re not getting opportunities simply because they don't know the right people.

We believe the opposite is true.

It doesn't matter that your high school or travel coach knows XYZ University Head Coach. If that college doesn't like you as a player and as a student, they’re not going to recruit you. College coaches have games to win, programs to run and jobs to keep. Do you really think they’re going to give a scholarship to a player that isn’t deserving of one? Now, that school may take a player as a WALK-ON as a favor (rare, but it does happen), but there is NO WAY a coach will give money to a player he doesn't want.

It is so much more effective if schools know who YOU are as a player and as a student. College coaches are looking for reliable resources when it comes to learning about players. The reliable resource could be your high school or travel coach. It could be a private instructor that knows a few people. However, some coaches get a reputation for over-selling players and then become unreliable resources.

If you’re not sure what a college coach thinks about you, then ask him. If he says he "needs to see you at camp," then ask him what he thinks about your video. A college coach can evaluate your video and give you an idea of where you may stack up.

Coaches want good players. They don't care where they come from. So instead of worrying about who you know, be more concerned about who knows you as a player.

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