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Information Age

From time to time we hear some of the following complaints from parents and players:

  • "Our high school team doesn't have a pitching coach." 

  • "There is no strength program at our school."

  • "The coach doesn't teach hitting; he just throws batting practice."

  • "The coach doesn't play the best players. It's all politics."

Players, like everything else in life, the responsibility falls on you to make yourself the best player you can be. Yes, it would be ideal for your high school baseball program to be as helpful as possible in your development as a player. However, the reality is that you may not get all of the greatest practices, training and coaching at the high school level. Instead of wasting time complaining about it, take it upon yourself to look up things you need and apply what you learn in your routines every day. Utilize this information age we’re in to your advantage.

For example, if your high school team doesn't do arm care, then go to your trainer and ask for one. You don't feel like you’re getting the speed training you need to take your 60 time from 7.0 to 6.8? Then go online and look at programs you can incorporate to get faster. Don’t feel like you’re getting enough reps during practice to get better? Then take one of your buddies and work with each other after practice or on days off.

The last thing you want to do is play the blame game. Most high schools have limited coaches, budgets and time to make each player the best he can be. If you feel like your game is lacking in some area, then take it upon yourself to do the necessary work to improve. It is NOT your high school coach’s fault that you are not peaking as a baseball player.

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