I don't want to go to college in that state because...

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Apprehension about going away for college is real. It usually has more to do with the uneasiness of the unknown than about actually leaving your hometown. These are normal emotions to have. In fact, it would be unusual if you didn't have some nerves about leaving home for college.

However, what is not real are the apprehensions some people have about certain states. These kinds of assumptions are not based on any facts. Here are some of the weird things we’ve heard about going to college in certain states:

  • "I don't want to go to Alabama because I’ve heard people in Alabama are weird." Huh? "

  • I am okay going to a school in Colorado, but I don't want to go to any school in Utah." From a player in Arizona "

  • I want to stay in the West, but I will not consider schools in the Midwest." Even though some of those Midwest schools are closer than the schools in the West "

  • I want to play in California." There is an assumption that every college that plays baseball in California is on a beach. "

  • I would never play in Texas because people there have too big of egos." What?

As crazy as some of these sound, they’ve been said. It is normal to have a little anxiety about going away for school. But unless you have personally spent substantial time in the state in question, please do not eliminate opportunity based on a few snapshots of what you've seen on TV about that state. Opportunity lies everywhere. Do not close doors that may have a great experience waiting for you.

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