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How to step up your game in personalizing emails to coaches

Updated: May 24, 2019

After you’ve sent out your initial emails to coaches and you find yourself communicating with one or a few of them, take an extra five minutes and look at the coaching bios on the school’s website. Most schools’ sites have all the coaches listed with their backgrounds and what they teach (hitting, pitching, infield, etc.). Besides showing initiative this also allows you to understand who these coaches are and where they’re from.

Doing this brief research may give you some better insight into the dynamics of the coaching staff. It’s important for you to understand that college baseball programs have different ways of handling the recruiting process. Different coaches can have various recruiting responsibilities. Here are a few examples of how some college baseball programs may handle their recruiting efforts:

  1. Pitching coach recruits all pitchers, hitting coach recruits all hitters, and head coach signs off on decisions.

  2. One coach recruits locally, another coach recruits nationally.

  3. Cooperative effort — all coaches share efforts with all recruits.

  4. Assistant coach’s job is to find talent to bring to head coach to make a decision.

  5. One-man band. Head coach does it all. (This is more likely found at a smaller school with limited resources.)

All college programs are different, and it’s important to be aware of this concept when communicating with them. You may find yourself talking to a coach that is not necessarily the one that will make the final decision on you. You might assume that all coaches in college programs communicate well about all recruits. But this is simply not always the case. Once you have engaged in some dialogue with program, take the extra five minutes to research the roles/dynamics of the staff.

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