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Had a bad season?

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Sometimes a good player has a poor season. There could be a personal issue going on, a mechanical problem, a string of bad games, or the possibility of an injury. This happens every year to many players.

It does not have to ruin your chances of playing college baseball. All is not lost, and there is no need to panic or lose hope.

As long as you have been proactive in the process and created multiple options, there will still be an avenue to go play college baseball. If you’ve had a bad season, you may end up in a different level of school or the timeline might be delayed a bit - but one season alone will not ELIMINATE your college baseball opportunities.

This is important for you to understand because you will probably encounter a hurdle or two along the way in your college recruiting process. How you overcome an injury, a bad statistical season or a personal issue will be the more important factor moving forward.

So, if this happens to be your story - put your head down and get back to work… if college baseball is truly important to you.

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