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Getting antsy because others are committing?

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Each player will have his own unique timeline when it comes to being recruited by colleges. This, however, is not an opinion shared by the "experts" in the stands. Often you’ll hear things like this:

  • "Sophomore year is when things start happening."

  • "Junior year is the most important season when it comes to a player’s recruitment.”

  • "The biggest summer is the summer before senior year."

  • "If you don't have a college by the fall of your senior year, it will not happen."

  • "No scholarship money is available in the spring of your senior year."

The bottom line is that the timing in regards to recruiting will be different for each player. The most important thing is for you to be communicating with schools and building rapport. Once a relationship has been established, then you and the coach need to figure out how to get connected.

You should NOT be worrying about friends or teammates committing and cause yourself to feel even more pressure. That will only make things worse. As long as you and your family stick to the process, it will happen at the right time.

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