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How to Get Recruited for College Baseball [2021 Guide]

how to get recruited for college baseball

The college athlete recruiting process can be a stressful yet exciting time. If you are wondering how to get recruited for college baseball, you’ve come to the right place! The experts at College Athlete Advantage have helped many high school athletes reach their dream schools.

Read on to learn more about working with College Athlete Advantage to get recruited for college baseball.

How To Get Recruited for College Baseball

If you work with College Athlete Advantage, we will take you through a simple seven-step process to getting recruited for college baseball. Our service is personalized to each athlete.

Let’s take a closer look at how to get recruited for college baseball with College Athlete Advantage.

Step 1: Gather the Correct Information

For a college baseball coach to make the recruitment decision, they need all the proper information. Lots of times, parents and athletes send coaches irrelevant information that just clutters their presentation. Coaches only need specific information to make their decision.

College Athlete Advantage team members will ensure you gather only what is needed to best display the athlete’s talent and potential.

Step 2: Video Strategy

Creating a highlight reel of the athlete’s time on the field is an essential part of how to get recruited for college baseball. However, there is a timing that needs to be met to get optimal results. If you complete the video too early in the recruitment process, it may lack improvements the athlete makes.

Coaches want to see athletes’ best and current abilities to make their decision. Videos can easily become outdated as high school athletes are constantly improving their skills and changing in physique. If the video is complete too late, you may miss opportunities at certain schools that have finished recruiting.

At College Athlete Advantage, we find the sweet spot for each athlete’s video strategy timing to showcase an athlete’s abilities for college-level baseball.

Step 3: Create an Online Profile

The next step in how to get recruited for college baseball is to create an online profile for recruiters to view. With College Athlete Advantage, we create an online profile with a unique domain and web address for each athlete.

This profile or website will hold an athlete’s resume for coaches, including their experience and high-quality videos. It is a uniform and professional way to give coaches easy access to everything they need in the recruiting process.

Step 4: Evaluation

The team at College Athlete Advantage will evaluate each athlete, their skills, resume, and more to help determine what level of college baseball is best suited for them. Our ability to make this determination will save the athlete and their family time talking to the wrong programs.

Step 5: Find Target Schools

Next, our team will work with you to find the best schools to target for college baseball recruitment. We get to know what is important to the athlete and their family, then mesh that with our evaluation to target a wide list of colleges.

This list will save families time and hassle because we do the work for you. It is a fluid list that can shift and change, but the base is created for the athlete.

Step 6: Contact Colleges

Step six is to start contacting schools on the target colleges list that was compiled. The team at College Athlete Advantage will empower and mentor the athlete on how to reach out to schools. The athlete will improve their communication skills and learn how to best follow up with coaches and colleges.

Step 7: Get Feedback and Advice

Once the athlete begins hearing back from schools and coaches about their baseball programs, their advisor will guide them through the selection process. Our team will help the athlete determine if a program is appropriate for them, if it has a serious interest, how to evaluate the program and coaches, and much more.


Check out what parents are saying about CAA’s services.

“College Athlete Advantage was an excellent resource for our son’s recruiting process. Our advisor Kurt Vesecky was awesome. He was always available to help address our questions and supported us in navigating through the recruiting process. CAA’s advisors, tools, and network were essential in finding the right fit for our son. Thanks for everything, Kurt and CAA.”

-Garret Sloan, Parent

“Mike Orchard and CAA are outstanding at what they do. Everything that they promised in our initial meeting was executed as promised in a timely manner. Every time we reached out with a question, we received a prompt, honest answer. If your son is planning to play college baseball, I highly recommend meeting with CAA to discuss their program.”

-Steve Chambers, Parent

Get Recruited With College Athlete Advantage

If your child is interested in getting recruited for college baseball, we want to work with you. Our college baseball recruiting services are comprehensive and will help athletes maneuver the process smoothly. We work with the athletes and their families every step of the college baseball recruitment process.

Contact us for more information about getting recruited for college baseball or register for College Athlete Advantage.

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