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Dinner Table Woes

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Recruiting has its own timeline. There are so many variables and so many moving parts that it is IMPOSSIBLE to control. The best your family can do is to be proactive and communicate with colleges by showing the proper information at the correct times. And then, after you start receiving coach responses, seeking the correct advice from people that understand the landscape. 

It becomes a negative stress if your family sits around the dinner table every night and talks about the comings and goings of every school. It will begin to drive you nuts. And more importantly, your family will get so worked up about the things you cannot control that you’ll be relieved when it’s over, which is not the goal.

Our best advice is to take this process in stride and to not fall into the trap of keeping up with others. Easier said than done – we know. But, if you communicate well and do all you can to promote your son the right way, then realize some things that follow will be out of your control.

Keep these simple but important items in mind:

  • Get back to every coach within 48 hours.

  • Stay with the process.

  • Keep all doors open until you sign.

  • Realize some things are out of your control.

  • Do NOT talk about this process every night; it WILL drive you nuts.

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