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Consider the numbers

If you think about the sheer number of players a college coach will see in a particular graduating class, it is most likely in the hundreds… if not thousands. Add up high school games, travel ball games, showcases attended, e-mails received…. there are A LOT of players the coach will look at each year.

So what does that matter? How does this affect you as a player? Here are a few things to consider from a coach’s point of view:

It is possible....   that he will forget about a player.   that he saw a player on a bad day.   that he was not paying attention.   that he incorrectly evaluated a player.   that he doesn't have a specific need on his roster.   that he will forget to follow up.

When you think about things from a coach’s perspective, the odds are extremely low that you will end up getting an offer if you are only looking at 2 or 3 schools. The odds are just not in your favor in this kind of scenario. The best way for you to get the odds in your favor is to cast a wide net to a large number of schools. The larger the net, the more options. The more options, the more schools you will have to choose from.

The opposite is true as well. The pickier and more particular you are with where you want to play college baseball, the more difficult it will be to get a match. The ideal goal is to find the perfect fit. But in reality, you may have to give up a few things in order to play college baseball:

  • You might have to pay a little more money than you would’ve liked.  

  • The school may not be as close to home as you desire.

  • The head coach may not have the coaching style that best suits you.

  • The school is bigger or smaller than you’d prefer.

  • The way to get more of your boxes checked on your values list is to open yourself up to more opportunities.

The college coach looks at many options before he chooses. Why shouldn't you do the same thing?

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