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11 College Softball Recruiting Tips and Best Practices

college softball recruiting tips

Getting recruited for college softball may seem like a daunting process. Where do you even start? The process isn't always easy, but it's worth it in the end. It takes dedication and strategy to get recruited for college softball. Our goal at College Athlete Advantage is to help athletes get recruited by their top schools. That's why we've created this list of 11 college softball recruiting tips.

We have extensive experience guiding athletes on their recruitment journey and want to share some helpful tips. Read on to learn college softball recruiting best practices and how to make the process more seamless.

11 College Softball Recruiting Tips

Follow these college softball recruiting guidelines and you’ll be on your way to playing college ball.

1. Start the Process Early

Athletes and their families shouldn’t wait until junior or senior year to start the college softball recruitment process. Freshman year of high school is a prime time to start looking for college programs and forming a plan.

2. Cast a Wide Net

It's a college softball recruiting best practice to not limit your options early on. Cast a wide net and include schools you are any bit interested in to achieve the best results. Some students are tempted to narrow their options to 10 or 20 schools early in the process. While this may be feasible, you could miss out on great opportunities if it takes too long for coaches to get back to you.

3. Make College Visits and Attend Showcase Events

If you have the opportunity to attend college visits or showcase events, take advantage of it. These are great chances for you to meet with coaches face-to-face and display your skills in person. It can be very rewarding getting recruited from a college visit or showcasing event rather than communicating solely online.

4. Always Follow Up

After going to a college softball recruiting event, always make sure to follow up with coaches. This can be done by a thank you note, email, or phone call, but make sure to do it in a timely manner. These are great ways for you to follow up and show appreciation, especially if they provide feedback on your game performance.

5. Attend Camps

Attending softball camps held at colleges is a great way to meet college coaches, grow your skills, and get to know other players. There are plenty of these held each year so do a search online for camps at schools you are interested in. Be yourself and use these camps as opportunities to make connections and improve your game.

6. Make Connections

This college softball recruiting best practice is one of the most important. Make connections with college softball coaches at college recruiting events. It's a great opportunity to get your name out there and build relationships with college softball coaches from all across the country.

7. Have Your Stats Handy

To make your college softball recruiting experience go smoothly, it's crucial that you have your stats at the ready. This is especially important if you are interested in large schools, as coaches will immediately want to see your stats. Make sure to keep a copy of your stat sheet on you at all times or have it ready on a mobile device for quick access.

8. Prioritize the Schools Interested in You

It's a college softball recruiting best practice to prioritize schools that are interested in you and that have strong academic programs. There's no point putting your energy into schools that are unlikely to recruit you or have poor academic standards.

9. Create a Professional Website

We recommend athletes create their own website to hold the vital information for college coaches. This includes their resume, academic record, video strategy, achievements, and any other relevant information. Storing your “portfolio” on a well-designed website is a professional and organized way to showcase your talent to college coaches.

10. Be Patient and Don't Stress!

Remember, college softball recruiting takes time. This is not something that will happen overnight and you'll get recruited instantly. Be patient and don't give up! If a college softball coach says they need to see you play in person before making a decision, then wait for them to come out to your games! This is an exciting time for you, so enjoy it. By following these college softball recruiting tips and best practices, you'll be on your way to getting recruited for college softball!

11. Work With an Advisor

Our top college softball recruiting tip is to work with a professional advisor. Advisors are trained to help guide you through the college softball recruiting process and know the best ways to get recruited. They can help you create a professional website, connect with coaches, narrow down your search, and get recruited by your top schools.

If working with an advisor sounds interesting to you, read on to learn about our CAA’s advising services for athletes.

Get Recruited With College Athlete Advantage

The team at College Athlete Advantage (CAA) is dedicated to assisting athletes and their families through the entire college softball recruiting process. By following these college softball recruiting best practices and working with CAA, you have a great experience.

Advisors specialize in college softball recruiting and will form a personalized plan for each athlete. Read our success stories to see how CAA can make a difference in your college softball recruiting process.

Contact CAA today or sign up for our services.

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