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Can you be too open-minded?

One of the issues we run into with families is that they are too close-minded about potential college baseball opportunities. They’re way too picky AND they write off certain programs before really knowing much about them.

But what about the opposite of this problem? Is it possible for a family to be too open about where their son should play college baseball?

A good portion of the time a player will tell us, "I will play anywhere." While we love that answer, it can also be too broad to the point that he has no idea what type of school would be a good fit/experience. The more in tune a family is with what type of environment their son would thrive in, the better off they are when it comes to a decision.

It’s important for families to realize if they work our process correctly, they will have multiple programs which will allow their son a CHOICE. As the options materialize, the player should have some idea of what he’s looking for in a program.

BUT REMEMBER: You cannot make these distinctions before you have options.

Some good questions a player can ask himself are:

2-year vs. 4-year?

Small vs. large?

More local vs. far away?

Degree programs offered?

Coaching style of staff?

While a player saying he is open to anywhere is a great mentality to start with, that mindset should not continue as he works through the process. If the player is not sure what’s important to him, the more likely it is he will end up in a situation and environment that is not ideal.  

Be open at the beginning, but as you progress in the recruiting journey, you should have more of a sense of clarity. 

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