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Can you be talking to too many schools?

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Families that do a good job of being proactive in the college baseball recruiting process can sometimes find themselves in an interesting situation:

They have too many schools showing some level interest.

This can be an issue because oftentimes a family doesn't know how to organize and quantify that interest. They can feel overwhelmed and lost in the process.

Here is the order in which you should operate when you hear back from a school that HAS INTEREST:

  1. Look up the school online and familiarize yourself with the baseball program and the academics.

  2. Craft a personal response back to the coach that demonstrates sincere interest.

  3. With the knowledge you’ve gained from the website, gauge your level of interest: - High level of interest - Some level of interest - Low level of interest

  4. Keep a dialogue going with the coach no matter what level of interest you have.

  5. Organize two lists. One list should have the schools in which you have the most interest. The other list should have the schools that have shown the most interest in you.

  6. Focus on and spend time with the schools that are high on both lists. Do not spend a lot of time on those that are low on both lists.

Remember that the goal is to find the best fit, not 50 best fits. If you are "talking regularly" to more than 50 schools, that is more than likely not the best way to use your time and effort in this process.

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