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Baseball Thanks

With the week of Thanksgiving upon us, we figured we would serve up a helping of items that a baseball player should be thankful for.

10) As a hitter, be thankful for the blooper that finds a hole. Even though coaches and sabermetricians say that the batting average is dying - it's nice to have those dying quails fall every now and then.

9) A good batting practice thrower.  These are hard to come by and should be treated like royalty.  The ones that seem to never tire and throw a boatload of strikes.  And they seem to throw at just the right speed to get in the center of your barrel and get that confidence going.

8) That sentimental glove that fits your hand perfectly.  The one that you will not let others near except to carry out to your position between innings.  Hang on to this fella tight - because there isn't another one like it.

7) The team photos.  You will look back at these years from now and think of the characters on the team more than the wins and the losses.  Sharing a dugout for a season can bond even the most different of players.

6) Opening day.  Other sports may have their first day of the season, but nothing compares to the opening day of baseball.  The excitement and endless possibilities can bring out the little kid in all of us.

5) Playing catch with your dad.  Baseball has bonded fathers and sons for years and it all started with a game of catch in the backyard.

4) Your own baseball card.  If you get to experience this, you feel like you have made it to the MLB.  And if somebody asks you to sign it - well that is a whole other level.

3) The scorekeeper.  Not the person that puts run up on the scoreboard.  I'm talking about the one who sits close and keeps score with and old-school scorebook.  Yes, technology has pushed many things to the wayside, but there is something way cool about keeping it in a book.

2) The uniform.  That feeling of having your uniform perfected from head to toe.  Everything from polished cleats to your own flair that makes you feel confident.  Most players that look good, play good.

1) Family. Baseball is about sharing experience with others you love.  As players embark on another season in the sun, the support and connection they get from their loved ones is irreplaceable.

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