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Baseball (and recruiting!) is a game of failure.

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Most of you have probably heard something like this before: "Baseball is a game of failure — if a hitter succeeds only 1 out of 3 times, he is considered a success."

If you’re 0-4 going into your last at-bat of the day, are you still thinking about your previous 4 outs? Or do you have a clear head? You need to be honest with yourself about your mental state.

You not only have to be able to handle failure, but also be able to keep an optimistic outlook on the game even though you may have failed miserably the at-bat before.

The same attributes and qualities needed to succeed in the game of baseball are also needed in the recruiting process. You need to be tough-minded and able to overcome things like:

  • Not getting “enough” responses to your e-mails

  • Showing up for a camp, getting 6 ground balls and 8 swings and no dialogue from a coach

  • Attending a showcase and not getting any feedback from coaches that attended

  • Playing in a "big tournament" and there isn't one college coach watching

  • Being recruited by a school then finding out the program decided to offer a scholarship to someone else

Oftentimes, these things may discourage you. However, if you realize that this is all wrapped into the normal failure of baseball, then you may have a different perspective and enjoy the grind. After all, what can better prepare you for the real world than fighting your way through the “failure of baseball?”

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