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A college recruiting obstacle (specific to baseball)

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

We talk all the time about the lack of money that is available to college baseball programs to go out and find players. Often it is very difficult for the coach to get out to watch players compete in games because he doesn't have the money to travel and evaluate players for himself.

But, there’s another reason why college baseball recruiting is so difficult. Even when a coach can go watch a game, sometimes there’s not enough action to really evaluate the player fairly on a given day.

A position player probably gets three plate appearances and maybe a few plays in the field.

What if he walks twice and grounds out the third time?

What if he doesn't get any plays in the field?

What if he never runs the bases during the game?

What if the opposing pitcher is so bad that the coach can't evaluate his hitting against good pitching?

What if he’s not fully healthy or not feeling well?

Sometimes the game of baseball does not allow you to get a lot of action. The opposite would be basketball, football or even volleyball. In those sports, coaches can show up to a game and know they are going to see a ton of game footage on a player. Baseball, unfortunately, doesn't work that way.

So why does this matter to a player? It just reinforces the fact that players have to reach out to schools and baseball programs. Even if the coach is able to come out to a game every now and then, more than likely he’s not going to see the player compete in a competitive setting enough times to make a judgement solely based on the game.

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