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A college coach's timeline

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Many times we talk about the college recruiting timeline from the player's perspective and how to best work the process. Now we’re going to reverse that and talk about the order of events in which a college coach recruits a player.

  1. He has to know about the player first. This is number one. The most effective and efficient way to get coaches to know who you are is for you to contact the school with the right information.

  2. After the coach has the correct information, he’ll put you into one of three categories:

Yes means this player is on the "go team." It means the college is prepared to make an offer. This player is a scholarship-level player for this team. This (and only this) means serious interest. A coach gets to a “yes” because the ability level AND other traits in the player fit what the program is looking for in a recruit.

No is probably the biggest category that college coaches have for players. If you look at the average number of players a coach brings in every year (7-15) compared to the amount of players he looks at (most likely hundreds, if not more), the gap is huge. When a coach is at a no, he knows without a doubt that this player is not good enough for his program. It’s unlikely that a coach or a program will tell the player this directly. They will more likely say things like "We are out of scholarship money," or "We need to see you play live," or they will keep the player coming to camps.

Maybe is a common category for players to be in as well. This means one of two things. The player is too young for the school to make a decision OR the coach has not seen enough to make a decision. Baseball, by nature, is a tough sport for coaches to get a lot of quality looks at a player. The lack of recruiting budgets, the very nature of the game and not having enough time are reasons why many schools do not get enough information on capable players.

You can best work the system by understanding where you’re at with certain programs. But, you also need to remember the first step is for the college coach to KNOW who you are as a player and student.

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