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5 ways to be a GREAT teammate

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Baseball is really an individual sport presented as a team sport. While there may be more than 15 players on your high school "team," most of the action is between two individuals: the pitcher and the hitter. Yes, the pitcher and the catcher need to work together and, when there’s a double play ball, the infield needs to work together, but by and large it is mostly a ONE on ONE sport.

Knowing this, there is more of a tendency for players/parents to analyze the individual performance first and then how the team performed. For example: "I was 2-4, but the team lost," or "I played well, but our team was awful."

So, knowing that baseball is actually an individual sport, how can you be a good teammate?

  • Always want the best for your teammates. If a player is getting time on the field ahead of you, don't hope that he screws up. Work to get better to beat him out.

  • Be encouraging. Baseball is tough enough as it is. Then there’s often the added pressure of a coach or parents. Lift players up when they’re down.

  • Do your job and stay in your lane. So many times players are quick to give advice to others that are struggling. Pitchers want to give advice to hitters and hitters want to advise pitchers. Take care of yourself and don’t be so quick to tell others how to play.

  • Play hard. This rubs off on other players. Players respect those who play hard all the time (which includes practice).

  • Stand up for your teammates. A baseball team is its own family. No matter how good of friends you may have on the other team, your baseball family comes ahead of them.

The best part about exercising some of these guidelines is that other players will be great teammates to you in return. Every team has certain guys they always root for — those are the players that decided to BE a great teammate first, then they felt the love from the others.

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